Tried and tested cleaning tips with storecupboard items

Coca Cola: to remove limescale stains in the toilet, pour coca cola (not diet) down it and leave for an hour or two, agitate with toilet brush and flush

Lemon: to clean a microwave put some slices of lemon in an uncovered bowl of water and cook on high for 5 – 10 minutes. The food and dirt will be easier to remove

Soda water: for red wine spillages on the carpet, pour a little over stain, cover with clean white towel and press down to absorb. The bubbles help lift the stain

Washing soda crystals: once a week pour a cupful of crystals down your sink followed by plenty of boiling water – this will keep your drains clear. Its also excellent for degreasing cooker hoods and filters

WD40: stainless steel cooker hoods / fridge freezers come up a treat when you spray with a small amount of WD40 and wipe over with paper towel

White distilled vinegar: removes limescale from taps (not plated) – just soak a paper towel in vinegar and wrap around the tap for an hour, then rinse. Also a great mould remover for bathroom tiles and grout, just spray on, agitate with an old toothbrush, rinse. Repeat, if necessary. It is also a great kitchen worktop sanitiser (but never on granite or marble), just soak cloth in undiluted vinegar and wipe. Vinegar will also deter ants, just spray the area and the ants won’t come near it!
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